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How to install DIY Bamboo Blinds without Screws

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Making holes in anything like walls, doors, windows is not the best option for hanging something if you don`t plan the items to hang there forever. So, if there`s an option without drilling, I guess it is better to choose this exact option. Frankly, I don`t really like these drilling stuff, maybe that is why we have nearly to no shelves or cabinets on the wall. Even our kitchen TV is hanging on a rope without any drilling, screws or anchors 😀 .

So, when it came to our guest bathroom window decoration I was thinking of something that doesn`t require to make holes for, neither in the wall nor in the window.

Don`t throw old blinds away

First, I thought of some café curtain rods, which could be glued to the window sash by a double-sided tape. But that didn`t sound trustworthy. Then I thought that I should make the same curtain holder as those on the other windows, but that seemed to be boring. Once, rummaging around my parents` attic, some old disassembled bamboo blinds occurred in my hands. Long time ago they were cut to hide a piece of wall above sliding doors. They were in a good condition but they were too wide and too short for my windows. After everything being remeasured again, it turned out that the width fits perfectly to every sash if cut in two pieces. And the length is the half of the sash so it should`ve been bound with the part I had cut down.

How to cut bamboo blinds to make the needed width and length

I did this project long before I started this blog, so there are no pictures of it. But I can tell you what to do to fit the blinds to the size of the window.

To cut the width, roll up the blinds, tighten them well and cut them with a hacksaw. We use a hacksaw, particularly the 12″×24TPI hacksaw blade, because the bamboo blinds are made of very thin woven together shafts of the plant stems, which are very fragile.

To cut the length, measure it, add an inch or two (depending on your skilful fingers), cut the threads then remove a few slats to the length you need and tie the threads.

To make the blinds longer, just take a thread similar to one in the cording and tie the edge stems together. Or, like in the previous step, take a few stems out of each of the blinds and tie their threads together.  

Lengthening the blinds
Two bamboo blinds tied together

Attaching the blinds to the window without screws

The most interesting part was to attach the blinds to the window without screws or glue. I`ve bought a 9 m (approx. 30′) cotton ribbon, cut it into 4 even pieces. Then I made a loop in the middle of each of those pieces and hooked it on the sash`s corner. The knot should be under the cord which holds the blinds. Then I wound the ribbon ends around this rod several times and lifted it down along the threads which weave the bamboo twigs together.

Bamboo blinds loop
Bamboo blinds loop

At the bottom I bound the blinds with bows.

Beautiful small orchdis on the tiled window sill
and a couple of cute black cats with beautiful small orchdis on the tiled window sill

I don`t need to raise them, so I didn`t make any mechanism to roll it up. But if you buy brand new blinds, that won`t be a problem because there will be one.     

DIY bamboo blinds

So, the main aim – not to make holes and hang blinds without screws – accomplished.

Here`s a video tutorial on How to hang bamboo blinds on casement windows without drilling:

How to install Bamboo Blinds without Drilling

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

Update 03.12.2023

Cotton/linen tape to hang the bamboo blinds on the windows

In this project I`ve used a cotton tape. But, for those who have a little bigger budget, there`s also a variety of linen ribbons on the market. Linen is a natural, strong, non-stretchable and embellishing fabric! It brings its homey charm to the interior and looks fabulous in combination with natural bamboo blinds. Here`s where you can find them:

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

Where to get used bamboo shades and its substitutions

These bamboo blinds I found at my parents` attic. Of course, not everyone has such a “treasure” dump at their disposal LOL So, I`ve found an interesting place on eBay under the “Unbranded bamboo window blinds and shades” search keywords (for the US only).

Also you can try your luck with reed privacy screens. Reed is also a natural and beautiful material. The difference is, that reed is thicker than bamboo, and these privacy screen mats are woven with a wire, which makes them less manageable than bamboo blinds. But they have a huge advantage against bamboo shades – the price. Reed mats are up to five times cheaper than bamboo shades! They are usually sold in rolls of different width and length of 3 m (10 ft) or 6 m (20 ft), or else. With one reed mat of 6 m (20 ft) you can cover four 1,5 m (5 ft) high windows for just 50$ (excluding the price of the curtain rods). Here are some appealing natural reed fencing you can make window blinds from:

And a bunch of bamboo curtain rods for the shades as little as 10$ for 20-50 pieces depending on the size of the rods:

*Important! Pay attention on the diameter and the length of the rods before ordering!

Do you have any other ideas, how to hang things without screws and nails? Share with us in the comments below!

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