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DIY Boot Tray With Pebbles

Entryway shoe mat

As I`m an eager fan of cleanness, the dirty garden shoes are to stay out of our house. But in winter and early spring it`s impossible because it`s cold outside and we can catch a chill if we put cold shoes on.

The tray

Old tray
Old tray

I`ve seen some rubber shoe mats on the internet, but they`re expensive and . . . boring. So I found an old 1.50$ tray on one of the e-commerce marketplaces. It`s old but firm and has no holes. The paint has worn off only in the places that won`t be seen and on the perimeter which I`ll paint anyway.

So I washed it, applied a masking tape on the perimeter, and painted its edges and the inner sides. When the paint is dry, I removed the masking tape and the excess paint.


The pebbles or rocks are free to take near rivers (that`s where I had taken them) or elsewhere. If it`s tiring to collect those stones – they are not so expensive, bags of pebbles stone are available at most home improvement stores. I took the large size (what I`d found), about 2-3“, because I think it`s easier to wash them.

Pebbles in the tray
Pebbles in the tray

Nice shoes

The final touch is a beautiful pair of garden shoes (which I don`t have unfortunately, that is why I wanted to borrow two from my neighbor`s, ha-ha, but this idea was blown off by the virus wind (the quarantine). Now my, non-appealing dirty shoes are safe and warm even covered with snow.

Neat entryway, shoe tray with river rocks and boots covered with snowin it
Boots covered with snow

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