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Cute DIY storage box

Cute DIY Storage Box

What do people usually do first when they come home? They put the keys on the entry table, right? At least I do so 🙂 Someone hangs them on the key holder. But if there is an entry table or some other horizontal surface, the keys would likely to be held there. Or some tips, or a mask (during the pandemic) – you see all this mess right straight away when you take a step into your house 😯

A small and cute DIY decorated box would be very handy here to keep that mess in some order.

Cardboard box

Any cardboard box will do (unless you need a big storage box). For our wall mounted entryway table I found a 12×12 cm (4 ½ ″ x 4 ½ ″) cardboard box.

Cut off its top and placed it on the bottom of the box to reinforce it a bit.

The base is ready. Now let`s make it look nice 🙂

Jute rope

For this small box I used a 2 mm (1/16 ″) thin jute rope.

First I applied some carpenter`s wood glue (you can use any craft glue you have at home) all over the box outer sides surfaces and started to wrap the rope around the box, making sure the strands were close together with no space showing.

Wrapping the box
Wrapping the box in a jute rope

The process took a bit longer than I thought, so the glue on the top of the box dried out 😆 I guess I should`ve applied it only on the bottom half of the sides first, and then on the top, when the box was half wrapped.

When the box was covered with the jute rope from bottom to top, I cut it and secured with a paper clip till the glue dried out.

Secure the rope with a paper clip
Secure the rope with a paper clip

Linen box liner

I found a tiny piece of linen fabric among the previous projects leftovers, and tried to fit it into the box with the help of scissors, white thread and a needle.

Tiny piece of linen fabric
Tiny piece of linen fabric

Here I wrote a little about how I had made a crate liner from repurposed fabrics.

And, yes, a decent liner could be done even out of such a tiny piece of cloth 😉

Cardboard box wrapped in jute rope
Cardboard box wrapped in jute rope with a linen liner

For this wonderful time of the year it can also serve as a cute DIY Christmas décor, can`t it?

Spread the Christmas spirit sharing the idea 🙂

Christmas decor
DIY Christmas decor

P.S. You can find the DIY live edge wood serving tray in the picture here.  

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