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Yixing Purple Clay Carved Teapot

Yixing Purple Clay Carved Teapot

Today I`d like to share a piece that would be interesting for genuine Tea lovers and simply all-the-cute-things fans.

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the pot and the present box
The Pot and the Present Box

A couple of months ago, as feedback for the How to clean a teapot post I`ve got a pleasant surprise. One of the administrators of Umi Tea Sets contacted me to know if I`d like to cooperate with them. I said that that`s not quite my thing to advertise something beyond the tools that I use in my home projects. But frankly, this is the first proposition of that kind for me, so after around two seconds of hesitation, I agreed. Eventually, it is a blog on how to create a cosy, warm and welcoming home. And one of the first things we picture as an attribute to our beloved home is a cup of warm flavourful tea 🙂

Origin and Properties of Yixing Purple Clay Carved Teapot

Googling on the topic I`ve discovered a few things about the clay teapot I`ve got as a gift from Umi Tea Sets. This Pot originates from the region rich with Yixing purple clay spread in eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu, and is highly prized among tea enthusiasts for its unique properties and the enhanced tea drinking experience it offers.

The Yixing clay is renowned for its porous nature and ability to absorb the flavours and aromas of tea. These pores have the property to accumulate the aroma of the drink, and then release it. The more often you brew tea in a teapot made of Yixing clay, the more aromatic and richer the drink will become each time. This accumulation of flavours over time creates a unique patina inside the teapot, which can also subtly influence the taste of subsequent infusions, enhancing the overall flavour profile of the tea. Hence the legend that one day it will be possible to pour plain water into the teapot, and tea will turn out of it 🙂

Yixing clay has excellent heat retention properties. This means that it can maintain the temperature of the brewed tea for an extended period, allowing for a more consistent and enjoyable drinking experience, especially with teas that require specific temperature control for optimal brewing. And the handle of the kettle will remain cold, even when there is boiling water inside.

The teapots presented at Umi Tea Pots are all handcrafted by skilled artisans who have mastered the traditional techniques passed down through generations. The craftsmanship involved in making these teapots adds to their value and appeal.

Yixing Purple Clay Carved Teapot
Yixing Purple Clay Carved Teapot

Beyond their functional benefits, Yixing teapots are also admired for their aesthetic beauty. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, often featuring intricate carvings or simple yet elegant forms as this piece, that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Chinese tea culture.

Yixing teapots have a long history in Chinese tea culture and are often considered collectors’ items. They symbolize tradition, craftsmanship, and appreciation for the art of tea making.

This kettle has a quick and even drain, a mesh filter in the nozzle that consists of 9 holes and a perfectly polished lid. The pot is perfect for large and medium tea leaves. Interesting fact is that after brewing tea for several times in it, the teapot becomes glossy on the outside. The longer the teapot is used, the glossier it becomes.


A Yixing Purple Clay Carved Teapot, is good for enhancing the taste, aroma, and overall tea drinking experience. Its unique properties, including heat retention, flavour absorption, craftsmanship, and cultural significance, make it a valuable tool for tea enthusiasts who appreciate the finer aspects of tea brewing and consumption.

clay teapot
Carved Clay Teapot and Tulips

This little Chinese clay teapot would make a great gift to anyone that appreciates tea.

You can find a lot of other lovely things, including tea sets, tea cups, tea accesories, tea trays & tables as well as tea leaves at Umi Tea Sets.

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