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How to spruce up an old wicker basket

How to Spruce Up an Old Wicker Basket

Don`t know how about you, but I’m an all sorts of those cute storage boxes, crates and wicker baskets addict. There can never be too much of them! And there is always a lack of storage space around the house, even if you don`t have much possessions, you`ll as minimum triple them in a year. Fact verified :/ . Moreover, here talking about storage which can be simply combined with decoration function just by adding a final touch of your own.

If it is still firm enough for storage, don`t throw away the old wicker basket, give it a new life instead!

Old wicker basket

Wicker basket with a bent handle
Old wicker basket

This piece is one of the attics (or more like a very cluttered garage) finds. It`s in a very good shape, and I`d love to use it as my shopper. You know, picturing this: happy House Fairy wearing a light, white dotted frill dress and a shiny smile, heading to the local family-owned grocery store, riding a blue vintage bicycle. . . Having a French market basket on the carrier, somewhat like these:

French Market Woven Basket Collection

Here`s a small collection of French Market and Beach Baskets of the best quality that will serve you well for years.

All these baskets are hand-woven, by villagers in Africa and Asia using natural, locally available materials. By purchasing these baskets, you are helping to support many families of weavers.

French Market Basket
Ayliss Straw Woven Tote
French Basket with Leather Strap
Solyinne Straw Beach Bag
YXILEE Straw Bag
Handmade Straw Hobo Bag
Handwoven Wicker Handbag
Daytani Insulated Corn Husk Bag
YYW Straw Bag
Large Beach Summer Straw Bag
Straw Hobo Woven Bag
Kiss Sea Straw Beach Bag
Cotton Handmade Braid Cotton Tote
Woven Cotton Tote Bag and Cosmetic Bag

Mmmm a cherished dream of mine. . .

Flush it out

While I was wondering what to do with the old wicker basket, I scrubbed it with a big brush and soaped water, then hosed it down.

*Tip: If you have no idea what to do with the “attics finds”, sometimes when one does just this (washes it clean), an old unappealing piece can turn into a very sympathetic one, without beating around the bush 😀 ).

Cut off its bent handle

The handle reeds are usually woven among the reeds of the basket. Find the base of the handle and cut the reeds as close to it as possible.

To cut it off you might need a utility knife (I recommend every household to have a good sharp utility knife, it`s so sharp that once you try it, you won`t be able to hold yourself from trying to cut whatever gets to your hand), or a well sharpened kitchen knife. But the best would be to use a pruner. Which I did.

Damaged wicker basket
Damaged wicker basket without a handle

How to reinforce a rattan basket

Before any other manipulations, make sure the basket dries completely.

The basket has minor breaks and some sticking out reeds that are not so noticeable and have no big impact on its functionality. But still, I like it smooth and swanky 🙂 .

I`ll use some wood glue and paper clips as a clamp to hold the reeds together until the glue dries.

Repairing a rattan wicker basket
How to reinforce a wicker basket

I trimmed some of the broken reeds close to the basket so they are no longer noticeable and poured some glue on it for additional support.

The longer one strands that were loosened or unbound together with the sticking out ends, I weaved back into the basket plait and fixated it with wood glue and paper clips. The wood glue becomes transparent when it dries. Consider that if the dab of glue is too thick, it will be drying up to two days.

If the basket needs some major repairs, you can buy a roll of wicker cane, which would cost you anything between 5 and 30$ per roll, depending on its size. But that wouldn`t be that thrifty in that case, would it 🙂 .

Whitewashing the old wicker basket

Although the honey colour of the natural dry reed is nice, but it`s a bit yellowish for me, more neutral tones still prevail in our house.

When the glue is totally dry, I took a can of matte white spray paint, and gave it a thin layer on the outer side of the basket.

Whitewashed rattan wicker basket
Painted wicker basket

If you prefer some other tone – give it a try on the bottom of the basket to see what colour it turns eventually.

Add a woven blanket and now there is a bit more of a good-looking and cosy storage place in the bedroom.

Upcycled wicker Basket pinterest pin

Pin for later!

Here`s another flipped garage find, which thus got a DIY liner. How to sew a liner for a basket I show here and here.

Upcycled wicker basket
Upcycled wicker basket

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