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Under the sink organization

Under the Sink Organization

In the previous post I showed how to save some precious space in a small kitchen by mounting the trash and the organic waste bins on the kitchen cabinet door.  

In this post I`m going to show, how I made a pull-out drawer for detergents and other home care products.

As I`ve mentioned in the previous post, I used what we had at home (a peace of thin (10 mm or almost 1/2″) OSB board, a pair of Euro drawer slides, a pair of ball bearing hinge, some turquoise paint, the sound panels wood) because of the lockdown. So this project also cost us nothing. Though, later I replaced the Euro drawer slides with ball-bearing drawer slides (+3$ from Craigslist).

Two-tier sliding organizer

Unlike the standard kitchen cabinets, ours are made of bricks and concrete, so figuring out a new peace of organization item is quite a challenge. This one took me more than a year to “invent”.

We needed a sliding-out something, and that sliding-out something needed drawer slides, which sequentially required a wall or something. But the thing was that this space was hollow – just mess and some bricks sticking out of the concrete floor (along with the sink/dishwasher drain, and hot/cold water valves). So this tiny 0,75 m3 (1 yd3) space contains:

Under sink drains

– dishwasher;

– dishwasher filter;

– drinking water filter;

– sink (the undercounter part of it);

– 2 garbage bins;

– 2 water valves;

– detergents and other cleaning supplies.

Side walls for drawer sliders

As I started with the dishwasher (mounted it to the DIY butcher block countertop), I got going from it – screwed an OSB side panel to it (there are mounting holes on the both sides of the dishwasher for security screws to attach it to the cabinet sides), to the countertop and to the back wall with small angled brackets:

Then I cut out a thin OSB board (about 15 cm or 6″ wide) and attached it to the wall with an angled bracket on one side and to the cabinet door support with a screw, on the other side.

And attached the wall-mount runner of the drawer slides to these walls by 12 mm (1/2″) screws.

It`s much simpler to install the drawer slides in a wooden cabinetry (I`m going to try it in one of upcoming posts) with a couple of laths and angled brackets.


I cut out two custom shaped boards from the OSB so the drawer could fit in along with the dishwasher and sink drains (there`s no way to hide or move them, I have to live with it).

Also cut the sides for the two drawers. And here comes the most interesting part. . . How to assemble all this tiny thinny OSB laths together. . .

I tried just to screw it all together with the small 12 mm (1/2″) screws. Not bad so far. But there`s going to be about 5-10 kg (11-22 lb) weight on it so I needed something more reliable. I took the 2×4 sound panel wood and made a reliable vertical support from 4 bars: 2 for an x-cross stretcher on the back, one at the right side and one at the front-left side. The x-cross stretcher was quite a challenge (there`s an instruction on how to make it in this post). I started with it as a marker for the other two bars` height. BTW the height of the whole organizer was determined by the level of the compost bin`s folding shelf (see previous post) because it was to fit under that shelf.  

The organizing crate`s height
The organizing crate`s height

When the x-cross vertical support was ready, I made a hole in the upper drawer for the front vertical support, passed it throug this hole

Front vertical supporting bar
Passed vertical supporting bar through the recess in the upper crate

and fastened the two tiers together by putting screws everywhere I could 😆 : into the sides, bottoms and tops of this drawer. When the height and the level of the organizer are checked, we can attach the final right-side bar, paint the whole organizer

and put it on its place

Aaaaand . . . when everything is packed up, it turns out, that you can`t close the door because the upper drawer impedes the rubbish bin! And you take the handsaw and start cutting. . . in the middle of the night, because you don`t want to see this chaos again tomorrow! 😆

Drawer slides mounted on different levels

We didn`t have 550 mm (2 1/4″) ball bearing drawer runners at home, so I attached the Euro drawer runners, but they didn`t bear the fully loaded organizer. So, eventually I replaced them.

There was an issue with the left drawer runner, I couldn`t install it on the same level with the right one, because there`s a cold water plum running on that level. I tried to attach it to the upper tier of the organizer. First, I mounted the right runner and installed the drawer in it:

A good hiding place
“Shh, it`s my new hiding place”

Then, using the level, marked the place of the left runner; pulled out the organizer and attached the left runner to the marked place.

And finally placed the two-tier pull-out under sink cabinet organizer on its place, and loaded it with all cleaning stuff! 😀

And finally I can see clearly, that we have TWO bottles of dishwashing liquids (which will probably last till the end of my life 🙂 )   

Under sink organization for Pinterest

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Feel free to leave your tips for the under sink storage in the comments below!

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